Cultural Wednesday: Albertov area II

On Wednesday, october 26th students went for a walk to Vyšehrad and then they went to the railway bridge nearby. Daniela, the teacher prepared a little surprise for them. The surprise was a short sail with a ferry boat from Výtoň to Smíchov. 

Welcome party in PM club


Welcome party for students at the beginning of the new semester is alreadyour tradition at Albertov.  This time Mgr. Marie Poláčková, the director, welcomed students from 35 countries from all around the world and presented all the teachers. Some of the teachers then presented the culture programme which they prepare for students every semester.

Students can look forward to:

  • student´s concert
  • student theatre performance in the theater Na Prádle
  • student works in the half-year book.
  • student presentations
  • culture surprise
  • film lectures
  • dancing club
  • find yourself a Czech person
  • pronunciation class
  • theatre club
  • trips

After that the director ivited students to have a lunch and then there was a free programme.


First week of the semester is already behind us


The new academic year 2016/2017 has officially begun! On Tuesday, our students went  visit together not only the  Headquarters in Vratislavova st. or the Municipal Library but also the Karolinum. Karolinum is cultural monument and the symbol of  Charles university where students had lectures in the 14th century. Today they come there at the end of their studies to get their university diploma.

New students were welcomed in the beautiful historical auditorium by our director mgr. Marie Poláčková and Mrs.  PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc.,the  vice -rector for the conception and quality of education. Both of them wished  students great studying and calm semester. Then all the students from ILPS study centres Albertov, Hostivař, Krystal and Liberec sang together the famous medieval student´s anthem called Gaudeamus igitur.

New semester is coming…


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Dear students,

Intensive courses at Albertov start next week! Hooray! Before you actually start to study Czech, we need to talk to you in person, check your identity and get some information about  you – where you come from, what is your motivation, if you already know some Czech etc. That´s why we need you to come to the registration which takes place on Monday September 12th at 8:30 at Albertov.

What should I take with me? 

Because we need to check your identity and all the information you already gave us at the on line registration, be sure you have your passport or some other identity card where we can see all the needed information.  You will also get your student ID so don´t forget to take with you  two passport pictures of you!

My form is filled – what´s next? 

After registration, students which have already studied Czech before will take placement test. This test has three parts – reading, grammar & vocabulary and listening and there is one for each language level, so there are  four tests in total. Each test takes 15 minutes. If you get 12 points from one test, you can continue writing another one. If you get less, you will have a small conversation with two teachers  in Czech.

How long does the registration take? 

If you are a beginner, the registration will be quite short for you, however it will take some time because there are a lot of students who need to be registered too. It is always better to not plan meetings for 9 am.

If you will need to write the test(s), you might spend there a while but it shouldn´t be more than two hours. It depends on the other students, whether they come on time or not. While waiting for  the registration or the test you can stay in the “ relaxing zone“ and get yourself a coffee of some cold beverage.

When will I know to which class I belong? 

We are sure you would like to know to which class you belong right after the registration but it is not possible. We always need to think about the best level for you according to your test results and the conversation. And it takes time. That´s why you will find your class on the first day of the lessons.

Information day

On Tuesday there is  the information day at Albertov. It starts at 9:00. There are special language groups  – English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. You will find the number of the class you are in at the table by the entrance. In your group, you will get all the information you need about the school – when and how long  are the classes, what you should or shouldn´t do, you will see the computer room, library, student´s kitchen… After that you will go for a short tour to see the most important places in Prague. And of course, you will have chance to talk to the other students or the teacher and ask about anything you need to know…